Fabulous Sunday at Family Fun Day hosted by Tranquil Acres Inc.


What a terrific Sunday! It was wonderful to see you all out despite the rain. It was so wonderful to meet so many people and have the privilege of hearing some of your stories. I look forward to working with you in the future!

As I mentioned to many of you, please do not hesitate to email me with your questions. It better to ask then to be left wondering. 

I hope you are all enjoy the summer, the weather has been a little rainy but the flowers will be beautiful!! 

Wishing you all the best!


Hello Friends, 

I read the most phenomenal article online by Jessica Lahey titled "Give Late Blooming Children the Time They Need". In the article Lahey used one of her favourite books "Leo the Late Bloomer" (Kraus, 1994) from her childhood to help illustrate her changing perspective on difference. As a child Lahey identified with Leo, his struggles with being different from his peers. However, as an adult, Lahey now identifies with Leo's parents. She describes how Leo's parents keep consumed with worry over Leo's delays watch closely for signs of blooming. 

Echoes of Leo's parents concern can be heard in many families. Understanding the feelings of anxiety and watching our children struggle is often very isolating. The isolation extends further because to understand our childrens' difference we must understand our own. Lived experiences, positive or negative, feed into our insecurities and add to our worry. At the centre of it all is worry, and the worry is manufactured out of our love because we want the best for our children. 

The solution is often labeled as measurable outcomes on an individual scale, what does that look like? How is this understood by 'we' the parents, for better or worse the on-lookers? Much like Leo's parents, we must learn to accept that how our children bloom and flourish are on their unique timelines through their individualized scales. We support our children and we teach them using methods and techniques which better meet their needs. Sometimes these lessons are more successful then others, but we must remember the measurable outcomes on an individual scale.  Our children naturally teach us resiliency, it's only when we try to understand and perceive their accomplishments in relation to others do we set them up for failure.  

The ideas from Lahey's article resonated with me, and I have since purchase Robert Kraus "Leo the Late Bloomer" from Indigo online. This is a story I want my daughter to understand so she can better identify and understand the world around her. Resiliency is a powerful tool, and examples of resiliency in people, books and TV are always welcome.


September 2017!

Hello Friends,

As an educational advocate September is always a busy and exciting time of year. This year was extra special for me as my daughter began school. For the first time, I was waiting on the other side of the gate waving excitedly as our little girl bravely walked across the school yard and into the brick building. I felt a mixture of trepidation and excitement watching her experience this major milestone; I was a spectator. 

Having a child in school has added another layer to my understanding and experience in the educational process. As some of you already know, I have been the student in the classroom called "stupid" by a teacher. I have been the University Student with exceptionalities who defeated the odds and obtained an undergraduate degree when some thought this wouldn't be possible. I went onto graduate school to study more in the field of education where my unique perspective was valued and celebrated. As a parent I understand what it feels like to wear my heart on my sleeve and send my child to school. To learn, grow and experience life lessons taught by someone other then myself.

In her backpack she must hold an invisible item which is as important as her lunch: RESILIENCY. Through the social nuisances taught and experienced in school my daughter will begin to learn how to navigate the world around her.  As an educational advocate I know how important this is in the educational process. The ability to bounce back from adversity. As a parent this is so hard to watch, and have to support when instincts demand I fix the problem and fix it now. 

The theme of this school year is resiliency. I will add posts and blogs on this topic and others. For more information LIKE Advantage Advocacy Inc. on Facebook and to learn a little more about me check out my Facebook page Kristen Robertson-Grewal. 

Take care, 



Hello Friends, 

The workshop approaches and its organization is in full-swing. I would like to introduce another partner KAY NUTRITION. I met Stephanie, of KAY NUTRITION, at my gym and was drawn to her joie de vivre, it is a big personality statement when someone can smile and joke at 6am. I learnt of her company and recognized how it can support my clients and their families. 

Here is a little information on KAY NUTRITION before the reveal at the FREE workshop on the 21st February 2015, at the Stonebridge Golf & Country Club from 10AM-12PM. 

Stephanie Kay is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.) trained to educate individuals about the benefits and health impact of optimal nutrition. Stephanie works with her clients on an individual basis to address their unique nutritional needs and the relationship between the food we eat and the body and mind. She is trained to identify nutritional deficiencies in exceptional individuals including autism, ADHD, learning and communication disorders and mental illness. Moreover, she is trained to develop nutrition plans to support these cases that remove anti-nutrients and allergenic trigger foods that negatively impact mental health. Her approach to nutrition is simple and sustainable; she works to identify and correct the nutritional root causes of illness, and works with whole foods and natural supplements to develop a plan that will help restore balance for the individual.

The workshop is going to be terrific! I look forward to seeing you all there. 


21st February FREE Workshop is fast approaching!

Hello Friends!

Thanks to everyone for the interest and the overwhelming support. I am excitedly planning the Workshop. We have a lot of phenomenal people coming to share their unique and inclusive services which support exceptional individuals and their families. In the coming days I will be featuring one of the presenters and offering a sneak peak into their service. 

Tumblers Gymnastics; an incredible Not-for-Profit organization which offers both recreational  and Special Needs gymnastics. Tumblers is a dynamic organization with wonderful staff and excellent programming. I was drawn to Tumblers by their excellent word-of-mouth reputation for their Special Needs gymnastics program. Having met with the Special Needs Coordinator I understand first-hand the stellar dynamics of this program. Insightful, informed and understanding are three words to describe the Special Needs Coordinator at Tumblers. I love how Special Needs gymnastics are offered at the same price as the recreational programming. With such a high level of inclusion your child is sure to have a good time. 

See you tomorrow with information on another presenter. 






Two weeks after the official launch of Advantage Advocacy Inc. and I have hit the ground running. What exciting times! 

Advantage Advocacy Inc. is excited to announce it is hosting its first workshop on Saturday February 21st, 2015.

This FREE workshop will showcase the launch of our company and provide an opportunity to introduce our Partners and their unique resources. 

Highlights Include:

  • Showcasing advocacy support available through Advantage Advocacy Inc.
  • Introducing our Partners and their companies.
  • Provide information and resources available through cooperation and collaboration with Advantage Advocacy Inc. 

Over the coming weeks as we solidify partnerships and speakers for this exciting and informative event more information will follow

Keep checking in for updates, hope to see you there!