September 2017!

Hello Friends,

As an educational advocate September is always a busy and exciting time of year. This year was extra special for me as my daughter began school. For the first time, I was waiting on the other side of the gate waving excitedly as our little girl bravely walked across the school yard and into the brick building. I felt a mixture of trepidation and excitement watching her experience this major milestone; I was a spectator. 

Having a child in school has added another layer to my understanding and experience in the educational process. As some of you already know, I have been the student in the classroom called "stupid" by a teacher. I have been the University Student with exceptionalities who defeated the odds and obtained an undergraduate degree when some thought this wouldn't be possible. I went onto graduate school to study more in the field of education where my unique perspective was valued and celebrated. As a parent I understand what it feels like to wear my heart on my sleeve and send my child to school. To learn, grow and experience life lessons taught by someone other then myself.

In her backpack she must hold an invisible item which is as important as her lunch: RESILIENCY. Through the social nuisances taught and experienced in school my daughter will begin to learn how to navigate the world around her.  As an educational advocate I know how important this is in the educational process. The ability to bounce back from adversity. As a parent this is so hard to watch, and have to support when instincts demand I fix the problem and fix it now. 

The theme of this school year is resiliency. I will add posts and blogs on this topic and others. For more information LIKE Advantage Advocacy Inc. on Facebook and to learn a little more about me check out my Facebook page Kristen Robertson-Grewal. 

Take care,