ADDitude Blog - one of the most comprehensive blogs under any subject. The site covers the topic of childhood ADHD with valuable resources for parents who feel they are suffering alone. 

Disability Support Services - Help for all types of disability. 

Left Brain Right Brain - UK blog featuring autism news, science and opinion. 

Mango Mon - Sources for support in teaching students with cerebral palsy. 

Paces - Advice and support for families supporting children with cerebral palsy through conductive education.

Dyslexia My Life - The author of the book "Dyslexia My Life" answers readers' emails in blog format. 

Happy Dyslexic - Understanding dyslexia and helping dyslexic children fulfill their potential. 

Crip Chronicles - A disability strategist comments on news items associated with disability learning.

Disability News Worldwide - All disabilities covered in this blog of news items around the world. 

Education Week - News, events and articles of interest for the special education community.

Mental Multivitamin - A home schooling blog where parents write about what they learn.  


Tranquil Acres Inc. Tranquil Acres is a therapeutic equestrian centre in the heart of the Ottawa region for people with varying social, emotional and mental health needs who want to experience the transformative powers of horses as teachers and healers.


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