There is a need in Ottawa for advocacy services for families with exceptional individuals. We support families by advocating for exceptional individuals within many spheres. Our unparalleled support will result in a custom roadmap of learning strategies by linking resources to the individual in a personal plan of action.

Our Mission

To provide positive and timely advocacy services and support for parents and guardians of exceptional individuals in Ottawa. We fulfill the need in advocacy services for families. Families and guardians will learn to have a clear understanding of advocacy and how to best execute strategies for future success. We strive to provide direct and personalized support to families with exceptional individuals and teach skills and empowerment through successful advocacy 


About me

My enthusiasm for advocacy stems from my own personal experience of having ADHD and dyslexia. These gifts and struggles have shaped me as I strive to make a difference. I have a great passion for providing advocacy support to children and families who struggle within the education system. I feel that the greatest potential is hindered by standardization and routine. I aim to support individuals to flourish and succeed in their education via collaboration. 

I am a veteran of a system not designed for my needs and I am acutely aware of the effects of being misunderstood. The system is designed for a demographic in which I do not fit. Through my own educational journey, I experienced many unique educational environments and witnessed the difficulties. I have learned to fill this gap by building and maintaining effective learning plans and nurturing key administrative relationships. 

I completed my Masters Degree in Education (M.A. Ed) with a specialization in Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation from the University of Ottawa. I am grateful every day to work with children and their families to establish and maintain a positive educational experience for all. 

What WE AchieVE

We address the need for educational support and provide advocacy service. One of the many objectives of Advantage Advocacy Inc. is to support the collaboration process for families with exceptional individuals. We work with families in three separate settings; School, Home, and Other

With Schools, we collaborate to understand the educational process and existing supports. We strategize to create an inclusive and personalized learning environment. Roadmap and prepare families for the bureaucratic elements of IEP and IPRC processes. We can provide support to school meeting and interviews. We close the divide between the School and Home learning environments.

At Home, we understand the synergy of successful advocacy. We can recognize and identify stressors in the structure of the home and provide solutions to possible triggers. As such, we will develop systems and routines to empower and excite the exceptional individual by promoting independence and self advocacy. Development of tools at home will support academic life and promote success in all ventures. 

In other activities, we recognize that advocacy support is not limited to school and home, and is also required in other environments. Education happens everywhere, outside the home and school we are prepared to provide mentorship and collaboration in extracurricular activities such as music lessons, camps, and sports.  We will offer ideas to best support learning, by playing to strengths and creating realistic goals. We assist parents and guardians in obtaining instrumental supports via: educational programming; recreational programming, and/or support systems to facilitate movement to further address needs. We have partnered with experts in a number of fields to explore other unique avenues for success.

Team members

Talitha LeBlanc, B.A

Administrative Assistant

I am a passionate mother of 2 magnificent, exceptional children. Having sought out support from Kristen with my own children, I am keenly aware of the value of the service she provides. With a background in anthropology, ESL teaching, client service, and office management, I am thrilled to be able to bring my skill set to Advantage Advocacy Inc in order to assist Kristen, as she provides invaluable educational advocacy support to the amazing families of exceptional individuals in Ontario. I am so grateful for this opportunity to help make a difference in the everyday lives of these wonderful families.